My Sunday Best: In Which I Return to Blogging

Hey everyone! So we're going to pretend that this is not an ugly, in-the-rain, unedited picture of me looking like my usual unphotogenic self. And instead focus on the fact that I'm blogging again (yay!) and that I had time to sew a skirt for myself because Rose is now officially a big, fancy ONE year old who doesn't need me quite *all* day anymore. 

I made this pleated skirt in honor of getting a part-time teaching job at the local homeschool co-op/hybrid school. Also, because I had two Joanns coupons burning a hole in my pocket. It doesn't happen every day that you get ones you can combine......or at least that's how I'm justifying getting this cute gray and floral fabric.

I HIGHLY recommend this pattern. It's the Wide-Waistband Pleated Skirt Pattern.  The link has a tutorial for how to make your measurements and how to sew it. The instructions are good and the skirt shape came out exactly the way I wanted. If I was smart I would have left it an inch or so longer, but otherwise it is pretty much perfection in skirt form. Oh, and I added a fold-over button waistband, mostly because I mis-measured my waist and ended up a few inches short. When faced with losing 3-5lbs immediately or lengthening the waistband I opted to lengthen it. Why on earth would I ruin a perfectly good day with dieting, especially when more fabric can solve my problems. 

Anyway, I've tried at least 3 different pleated skirt tutorials and this is the best one I've tried. I hope to be wearing this skirt a lot in the coming fall months. 

Oh, and the statue behind me, that's Frank, my husband's college-buddy-reincarnated (Frank the First was destroyed by snow and falling over a couple years ago). You might know him as Saint Francis of Assisi. Around our house he's simply Frank, and all the bugs like to die behind him wherever we place him. Not sure if that's morbid or some sort of minor miracle, but it's what happens. Currently Frank is most frequently kept company by Toady, Isaiah's toad-friend who lives on/under our porch. 

So how's that for random? We got from sewing skirts to toads in like 2 minutes flat. 

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday! It's Saturday night as I write this. It was rainy here at first but then the sun came out for a beautiful evening. Our church had a baptism this evening, a tiny little 5 day old baby boy, so sweet! 


  1. A skirt that you made -- two thumbs up!

  2. Love that skirt! I *still* haven't unpacked my sewing machine since we moved... a year ago. Maybe some day ;)

    1. You totally should! Maybe after the baby is born....sewing never holds as much appeal for me (besides sewing baby quilts) when pregnant. It's just too hard to sit for that long!