A Summer Staycation 2016

One thing I don't think I've mentioned is that our new home is in a neighborhood with access to two lakes and a river! Before you think they're super impressive, they're more like two nice ponds with docks to fish off of :) But, still! 

I mean, this is my life? I live here???

I wish the kids were older and better swimmers! If so we'd be here every day. As it is we're still at the point where only 1.5 of the kids can swim competently, another can swim well with floaties, and two are in the sink-like-a-rock phase. So basically going to the lake requires both myself and my husband, and a bazillion inflatable things...

For our staycation besides the lake we also took the kids to see the Odd Squad movie at the kids' dollar theatre movies, ate dessert a lot, and attempted a camping trip.....which was a horrible failure because of a fluke thunder storm and then Rose crying basically all night because she couldn't handle sleeping in the tent. It was rough to say the least.

Plan B was camping at home, which it turns out is just as fun and way easier. And, we live on a mountain....so basically we're camping all the time anyway, right? We made a fire and did smores and my husband slept in the tent with the kids while I and the baby and Maria slept inside. Because Rose apparently hates tents as much as Maria, the diva, does ;) And clearly an adult had to sacrifice and sleep on the soft, comfortable, big bed inside to keep an ear out for the baby. 

Being the self-sacrificing mom I am, I threw myself on that grenade. Haha! 

I swear I used to love camping, but after pregnancies and all my hips hurt terribly sleeping on the ground and so I was not disappointed to sit this one out. 

It was so nice to just have a relaxing week at home though! We got to do those fun local things with the kids we'd been meaning to do for the past two months and most importantly we got to sleep in. We even tackled a couple small house projects on the last two days of the vacation.

And now our lazy vacation days are over and it's back to the grindstone. The Mister is back at work and working harder than ever because it's the busy season. Back at home, I'm preparing for the start of the homeschool year and the start of the school year for our part-time school. Maria is busy crocheting, the middle kids are busy catching imaginary Pokemon outside, and Rose is busy sprouting her top two teeth.

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